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Attorney Maximilian T. Hass

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1918 Gen. Taylor St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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Action Potential Entertainment, LLC is a boutique law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana, providing musicians, artists, filmmakers, designers, small business owners, and other creators with key legal support they need to succeed. 

Action Potential Entertainment provides legal and business advice for individuals in all areas of the arts, entertainment and business worlds. Part of the firm's mission is to create a support system for aspiring career artists to develop a solid business foundation for their work. In fulfilling that mission, Action Potential Entertainment operates on a flexible and adaptable schedule, and has a firm commitment to keeping the costs of its services at levels that are accessible to the creative community.

As a member of the creative community himself, the firm's managing attorney, Max Hass, is personally enthusiastic about all of his clients’ careers and projects. Combining this passion with a strong grasp of intellectual property law matters, Action Potential Entertainment is proud to be able to serve and help strengthen its community. 

Contact Action Potential Entertainment today for legal assistance with copyright, trademark, contracts, notary services, business registrations and corporate matters, or if you're a musician, visual artist, filmmaker, inventor, entrepreneur, or have a creative or small business venture and are in need of legal advice.